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The seat.

We are partners of the international furniture industry when it comes to joining techniques, contour design and seating comfort. It would hardly be possible for many of the ideas of furniture manufacturers to be realized without our products. We develop and produce fastening solutions and design elements for a variety of furniture. Our components increase process reliability in production, give specific contours and make possible new designs. This creativity and our worldwide dealer and consultant network are only two of many reasons why all well-known furniture manufacturers trust OKE.

We perform extrusion processing for all thermoplastics, foam profiles chemically or physically bring complementary materials and refine inline with longitudinal sections, labels, printing, complex punching and laser contours. Injection moulded components such as clip boards, furniture glides and element connectors supplement our product portfolio.

Upholstered furniture

With our plastic components, we expand our customers capabilities in the development and  manufacture of upholstered furniture. Our solutions allow for special designs and saving valuable resources.

Contract furniture

Furniture for the private sector is used with greater care than contract furniture , which is available to the public.  The strain is more intense and often »rougher«. At the same time, beyond its functionality the furniture should represent an enhanced value.  

Office furniture

Lightweight chairs, covered by only a thin net adjustable to the body size right down to the millimetre. This is what today's high quality office furniture looks like. There are also mobile partitions and media furniture that involve a lot of technology!


Sit yourself down and feel good - recliners are individually adjustable and offer different functions, which are implemented perfectly with our plastic components.


Beds are more commonly being designed ergonomically in order to suit individual needs and are equipped with features. We deliver components for a good sleep.

Storage furniture

»Floating« shelves and cupboard doors that close silently. For cabinet furniture, we develop plastic components that are best suited for the high demands of the premium segment.