• Our plastic components for signal current applications in the automotive and electrical industries.

  • A precise unit of plastic and metal.

  • Faster data transmission provides greater intelligence inside the vehicle.

  • Plug connector

  • Sensor housings



Connectors, male connectors, protection tubes, bush bearings, high-speed data transmission, cable crosses, cable fillers, protection tubes, plastic-coated fibreglass ...

We love the challenges posed to us by electrical engineering. Often our solutions are particularly cost-effective, although the manufacturing tolerances are incredibly small!

Male connectors

One example for precision injection moulding is our male connector, which is used in vehicles and the electrical industry. The connecting elements are a connection to printed circuit boards. The wire-to-board or MQS plug connector contact signal power applications. We produce the cover strip extremely precisely so that the small pins fit into corresponding holes and remain for years under heavy duty perfectly installed.


We do not even stop after production, because the packing of complete modules is also one of our competencies. Example: this cap is a connector for wiring harnesses that can be locked easily and is therefore firmly connected.

Plug connectors

We manufacture customer-specific connectors for the highest capacity and quality.

Socket housings

This housing serves as a plug connector for high-speed data transfer. After assembly, the desired diameter must be reached exactly, so that the light guides are not squashed.

Sensor housings

Contact pins and sockets: we reacht a tight integration by depositors in the tool (insert technology).

MQS printing plates

Our nano-MQS printing plates and plugs are used in vehicle electronics. The plugs serve the purpose of closing unoccupied pole chambers (splash protection) and are broken via predetermined breaking points.

Cable fillers

Our extruded plastic cores ensure the stability and flexibility of very diverse cable strands.

Cable crosses

To shield different strands within a cable sheath we extrude cable crosses with minimal tolerances.

Cable sheaths

Depending on the area of use, we extrude cable sheath with fixed or fine wall strengths, also out of extremely weatherproof material.